Volume, issue, and pages not included in APA 7 citation

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  • I've selected APA 7th edition as the document preference. My Zotero reference includes volume, issue, and pages, however, the reference isn't including them - only the DOI. I've refreshed and the results are the same. Any advice? I'm using a Mac.
  • @ppebsworth Volume, issue, and page should be included for Journal Article items. Is your item another type? Can you export an item that isn't formatting as you expect it to CSL JSON (select the item in Zotero, right click, choose Export Items, then select CSL JSON as the export format). Then save it to Dropbox or similar and link here (or post to hastebin.com or similar and link here)?

    @dstillman Can we split @ppebsworth 's comment to a new thread?
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