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I have a question: When I make entries on Zotero and type something in e.g. "Publisher", I get a small list of suggestions below with publishers that have already been entered before. Can I delete these suggestions? I would need to, because in a group bibliography there are sometimes typing errors and so I could delete the incorrect suggestions.
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  • They simply reflect the existing values in the library. To fix them, fix the existing entries.
  • That is not true. I tried it out. They are still there. Even if you delete all entries with this certain name.
  • I assure you it's true — it's literally a search against the existing items in the database.

    Note that I said to fix the entries. If you deleted them — that is, moved them to the trash — you have to actually empty the trash. But there's no reason to delete the items unless you don't want them in your library. All you need to do is fix the incorrect field values.
  • I am sorry, but i tried it with a new authors name. It did not work
  • Also, the values can currently come from items in any library.

    I've created an issue to restrict it to items in the current library and items not in the trash.
  • i tried it with a new authors name. It did not work
    @Cl_15: I don't know what you mean by that. You'd have to be more specific about what you tried.

    But this is very simple to test:

    1) Create an item. Enter a random string for an author.

    2) Create another item. Type the beginning of the same random string in the author field and you'll see that it offers the random string as an autocomplete. Press Esc to cancel.

    3) Move the original item to the trash. If you then type the beginning of the same random string in the second item's author field, it will still be offered, since the original item hasn't been fully deleted.

    4) Empty the trash.

    5) If you now type the beginning of the same random string, it won't be offered, because it no longer exists in the database.

    Really, this works. If you're seeing something unexpected, you'd have to say exactly how to reproduce the problem, using new items and new values that don't appear anywhere else.
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