Can't see/install Libreoffice word processor integration

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Dear all, I have been using Zotero for years, and after reinstalling my OS to Kubuntu 20.04 and installing Zotero, I can't see the libreoffice integration under Preferences\Cite\Word Processors tab, therefore, I can't install it and using with libreoffice.

This is what I have done so far:

1. Installed Kubuntu 20.04 from scratch
2. Installed java jre
3. Downloaded zotero for linux 64 bits from
4. Uncompress it
5. Run "zotero" file
6. Zotero is properly opened, showing my library
7. Open Preferences\Cite\Word Processors tab
8. Only "Open classic dialog box" checkbox is displayed (see linked image:

As a result, I can't install libreoffice integration and, hence, use it with my libreoffice installation.

I have repeated the process several times and results are the same
9. Delete Zotero folder
10. Repeat installation
11. Results are the same

I also made sure that the extension was enabled and up-to-date:

1. Tools\Addons\
2. Libreoffice integration is enabled

Hopefully someone can help me with this.
  • Go into your profile directory and move the extensions.json file away from it (like your Desktop), then restart Zotero. Does the LibreOffice plugin section appear in the Preferences?
  • Great! It worked perfectly. Thank you very much for your quick and efficient response, @adomasven
  • You can delete the previous extensions.json file. That was just a backup in case this didn't fix it.
  • Sure, did that already. Thank you very much again.
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