Feature request: individual attachment-download-settings for libraries

edited 6 days ago
I am currently using two libraries: a small personal library (shared between work-computer and private computer) and a large library from our office, shared among 10 Co-workers (and also synced between work and home-pc).

To save disk-space, I've decided to use the option, that only attachments I actually need/read are being downloaded from sync-server in the cloud. It's a great setting, as it really improves performance and saves much disk-space for my work-library.

However, for my personal library the workflow is different, and I would be very glad, if I could have a separate setting that would always download each attachment for each database-entry. I frequently take my private laptop on trips and would like to use it for reading and annotating pdfs. Currently I have to carefully check each entry to see, if the PDF is already downloaded for offline-usage or not and manually download all cloud-pdfs to the laptop.

So, a separate/individual attachment-download-setting for each library would totally make me happy :)

But I can also understand if this wish is too specific and not for the masses. Don't mind if it never get's implemented. Thanks for Zotero, it's awesome.
  • We're planning to add additional features for controlling how much local disk space is used in "as needed" file-sync mode, and I think there's a good chance we'll add group-specific options at that time.
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