zotero://open-pdf links with BBT keys for My Library and Group Libraries?

Is there a way to get a stable link directly to a pdf attachment using the BBT key instead of the ItemID?

BBT keys only work with zotero://select links, but not with zotero://open-file links, because they only point to the top level item, not the attachments (which might be multiple).


Zutilo 'Copy select item links' gives a link to the item of the form `zotero://select/library/items/KHZGIQNL`

I can change the link manually to open a pdf`zotero://open-pdf/library/items/KHZGIQNL`

Problem with this type of link is that it is not very readable and might not be stable. If something changes in the library, files are moved around etc., KHZGIQNL might be gone forever.

The Bibtex key more readable, but it can only point to the top level item

This obviously doesn't work
as "Item for library/items/schubertSARSCoV2Nsp1Binds2020 is not a file attachment"


Is there a way to use the BBT key to get a permanent link that opens the first pdf found?
That would be good enough in most of the cases.

Also, I don't think the BBT keys work with group libraries at all, should they?

A link of the form `zotero://select/groups/GroupID/items/bbt:key` selects all items in the entire group library.

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