Style Repository Setting

Does Zotero always look for style updates only at Or is there something in an individual CSL file that can be manipulated to allow Zotero to download style updates from an alternative repository?

Thank you so much for your help!
  • It always gets official styles from that repo, which is a mirror of the official CSL repo. There's no specification for a CSL repository, so it's not something that could just be configured differently — Zotero's repo uses its own private API.

    In theory Zotero could — and should — update styles pointing to other locations (rel="self" to another web address) using standard HTTP caching mechanisms, but we've never gotten around to implementing that (and there's also currently some ambiguity in the CSL spec that makes it impossible to do so for dependent styles). I've added an issue to track that.
  • Okay. Thanks for the update. I tried setting the rel="self" line to a different URL on the pattern of what I saw elsewhere, which didn't work (per your comment). But it's encouraging to know I was on the right track. :-)

    Thanks, again.
  • Note that, while it won't currently update in Zotero anyway, your rel="self" line is a 404. That needs to be the actual download URL, so you either need to add .csl or configure your web server to serve it without the .csl extension.
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    And the id should be a permanent identifier, not something with wp-content in it. The CSL specification now recommends using a UUID to make this clearer.
  • Got it. Thank you so much.
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