Style request : Translational Psychiatry


Apparently, Translational Psychiatry has modified drastically its reference style.
These are the new guidelines :

Journal article with six or more authors, only first author should be given followed by et al.:
Halpern S.D. et al. Solid-organ transplantation in HIV- infected patients. N. Engl. J. Med. 347, 284–287 (2002).

Journal article, by DOI (without page numbers):
Yolken RH, Torrey EF. Are some cases of psychosis caused by microbial agents? A review of the evidence. Mol Psychiatry (2008).

Journal article, in press:
Tian, D., Araki, H., Stahl E., Bergelson, J. & Kreitman, M. Signature of balancing selection in Arabidopsis. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA (in the press).

Book (edited volume):
Diener, B. J. & Wilkinson, P. (eds) Transplantation Techniques (Harvard Univ. Press, Cambridge, 1989).

Book Chapter:
Harley, N. H. & Vivian, L. in Mechanisms of Disease 4th edn, Vol. 2 (eds Sodeman, W. A. & Smith, A.) Ch. 3 (Saunders, Philadelphia, 1974).

Published abstract:
Feig, S. A. et al. Bone marrow transplantation for neuroblastoma. Exp. Hematol. 13, abstr. 102 (1985).

Publicly available preprint:
Babichev, S. A., Ries, J. & Lvovsky, A. I. Quantum scissors: teleportation of single-mode optical states by means of a nonlocal single photon. Preprint at ph/0208066 (2002).

Young, W. R. Effects of Different Tree Species on Soil Properties in Central New York. MSc thesis, Cornell Univ. (1981).

Could someone please update it?
Many thanks
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