Tracking and tagging references

Is there a way of tracking references used from a collection? I know in another ref manager when you cite a reference a dot is placed against the reference in the library, I've found this very useful. Is it possible to create this feature in Zotero?

Would it be possible to use the tag feature to do this, if so how? When a reference is tagged where is it indicated in the library list?

I would appreciate any helpful comments.
  • I'm not really sure what you mean here. Can you explain in more detail the problem you're trying to solve?

    Do you mean cite in a word processor document? That's just one document — it wouldn't make sense for that to change the state of that item in your library, which isn't tied to a specific document.

    At some point Zotero will likely have a "document collections" feature that shows you a virtual collection with the citations cited in an open document as long as the document is open.
  • Thanks dstillman for responding.

    The problem I am trying to resolve is how to sequentially utilise all the references I have built up in the Zotero library into my documents. I have subdivided the library into collections. I now want to write each section but also want to continue to add new references. Therefore as the references are cited I would like them identified.

    Yes exactly citing in a word document. You are right to say it's only one document and of course there may be many. However in Endnote I could have this feature.

    I wonder how long it will be for the Zotero document collection to be available?

    In the meantime do you know how I might use the tag feature to do this manually?

  • For now, you can use then click the button to select the cited items in Zotero. Once they are selected, you can drag the items to a collection or tag.
  • Thanks bweirnik for your message I will take a look at the link.
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