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Could someone please assist. I got a message saying my Zotero storage capacity has been reached. I deleted and cleared a lot of folders, up to the point on Friday when it said i've only used 85% of my storage. Since then I didn't add anything. Now suddenly it is saying it is at full capacity again. This is very suspicious and impossible. Could you please advise.
  • You're simply at your quota — that's all.

    Did you delete the items locally or online?

    If you deleted them online, you just filled up your quota with additional not-yet-synced files from your local library when you synced.

    If you deleted them locally, you likely checked your quota after the deletions had synced but before additional files had uploaded and you hit your quota again.

    You'll be below your quota only once you've deleted enough files locally and fully synced.
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    elouisee_k you could use plugins like Zotfile together with external sync services
  • And if you've deleted things on your desktop, make sure you emptied the Trash.
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