Changing location of Collection to portable drive.

I often work at a remote location that does not have internet service so syncing file to the cloud does not help me . When I go there I have a separate computer that stays at that location. Any computer files that I need to work on I bring with me on a portable drive. (Taking my laptop with me is not an option). Zotero is installed on the computer at my remote location.

Therefore I need to change the location of my collections so that my collections are automatically stored on my portable drive and not the C:\ drive of my home computer. How do I change the location for storage of my of collections from my C:\ Drive to my portable drive. I tried to do as a back up but the instruction I received directed me to an action button ( gear icon) that is not on my tool bar.
  • You can change your data directory location from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences:
  • dstillman,

    Thank you for your assistance. However it does not solve my problem because I do not have the buttons on my toolbar that are shown in the example. The toolbar when I open Zotero is completely different.

    when I open Zotero the tool bar on the top line only has the following options

    File Edit View Tools Help

    the the second line are icon short cuts for

    New Collection New Library New Item Add Items by Identifier New Note Add Attachment Advanced Search

    I have no setting buttons for settings or advanced.

    Any further assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated.
    with peace,

  • dstillman,

    Never mind, under the edit I found preferences which have the toolbars as described in the link you provided.

    Thank you.

    With Peace,
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