How to import multiple citations from a web-page that links to them all?

I want to import from, for example, this webpage: all the journal articles that are listed into my Zotero library. How would you do that?
  • To be clear, that's specific to a webpage that doesn't provide any sort of structured metadata for the bibliography in question, so Zotero's normal saving abilities don't come into play, and it's just equivalent to having a document with a bibliography in it. In that case, AnyStyle on the linked page is pretty much the best you can do. That won't download any of the linked PDFs, and it will be missing any data not in the reference.

    (For what it's worth, an HTML bibliography generated via Zotero does include metadata that can be used to save the data back to Zotero.)

    It would be possible to extract the embedded URLs and run some code to have Zotero try to process those — there's a forum thread about that that I can point you to — but that requires some HTML processing and JavaScript scripting knowledge.
  • I see. Thank you so much for your very thorough and prompt response! I will give a look to all this information
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