Saving references from clipboard in pubmed


I used to send selected references to clipboard in pubmed and import them to zotero. However, now the window that allowed the choice of references does not appear; instead, either zotero saves a snapshot or it just ignores the petition. The only alternative is saving references one by one....

I have reinstalled the firefox plugin and zotero itself, but it still doesn't work
  • Could we get more precise steps to reproduce, including specific URLs? There are so many ways of using Pubmed and Exporting from there, it's not clear to me what you're actually doing.
  • I am just saving the references I want in the clipboard and then go to the icon in firefox.
  • But you don't need to use the clipboard at all. Instead just click the Save to Zotero icon when looking at search results on pubmed.
  • (I wasn't sure if "clipboard" here meant the actual OS clipboard or some saving feature on PubMed itself.)
  • Right, I'm assuming this is the Pubmed "Send to --> Clipboard" function. We're indeed not currently supporting the clipboard view on the new Pubmed -- looks like it shouldn't be too hard to add.
  • I've found some remedies.

    1. (using the e-mailing function)
    (1) Click the "Email" button, to send the clipboard contents to your address.
    (2) Click the link "Display the xx citations in PubMed".
    (3) Then, you can see the folder icon of zotero.

    2. (using PubMed ID)
    (1) Select "PMID" in the "Format" selection icon that is shown when you click the "Display options" button.
    (2) Copy all text into the system clipboard and paste everything into the search form of the PubMed, and then click the "Search" button.
    (3) Now, you get the folder icon of zotero.
  • I have also found that a list of PMIDs can also be saved in a text file. For this, click the "Save" button, choose "PMID" in the "FORMAT" selector, and then click the "Create file" button. A text file with the PMIDs will be downloaded. By copy-pasting everything in the text file in the search form, you can get the folder icon of zotero.
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