Creating Zotero item and note from selection

The Create Zotero item and note from selection is nice, but I would rather not creating the same item for all the notes from that item. My guess is that there is no solution to this, but what is the best work around or best practice? Obviously most note takers take more then one note from one item. Thanks for any input!
  • select text and copy into the note in Zotero -- I don't think there's a more elegant solution
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    Thanks, yes I could do that. Right now I just get a whole bunch of items and then afterwards I move all the notes to one of them and then delete the others. That way I don't have to copy and paste all the time and change back and forth between softwares. I had hoped I could get rid of duplicates automatically, but it would not let me.
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  • You can merge duplicates and that'll keep all notes, yes, that'd be another option if you find that more convenient.
  • I will try that again, thanks. But what does "Only elements on top level can be fused" (my translation, it is on local language)?
  • Don't select the notes when merging -- only select the items they're attached to ("top-level items").
  • When Zotero was only a Firefox extension, there was an option to add the selected text to the current note, since it was visible in the same window. That went away with the transition to a separate app, since it's a bit more awkward there, but we may restore it in a future version.
  • @dstillman That would be nice, if it could be restored.

    @adamsmith I did try marking only the top level, but still nothing happens and the comment comes again. It is only a Wikipedia article I was reading in Chrome, not sure if that has anything to do with it. I guess top level is just the top level of an entry.
  • I changed the status from article in a encyclopedia to book and then I could get rid of the duplicates and all notes was saved, and then I changed the status again. Is there any reason for the article status is considered not top level?

    I was not able to mark all posts and change the status for them all in one go (that would be nice).

    Another thing related: When changing the status from book to article and back again, every time zotero asked if I am really sure if I want to do that ... it would be nice if you could mark a box the first time so it did not pop up every time.
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