Report ID: 1287431280 - error while editing a child note after a "phrase search"

Also Report ID 2010959521 & 610845547 (Although I might not have copied this number's only 9 digits).

All three times I had done a search for a frase using quotation marks: e.g. "basic needs"

Then created or edited a child note. I'm not sure exactly what triggers the error. I have highlighted, added text, added a tag.

But in general, the Z seems "off" (*after* the phrase search). I had to click enter serveral times add a tag.

Clicking serveral times on an item in the center pane to change the focus, or open an attached file. Like is's just *off*

I could, of course, be my machine, but it only happens after a "phrase search."

Z 5.0.89
Win 10

  • edited September 16, 2020
    Once again, "a phrase search" and adding/editing a comment results in: An error has occurred. Please restart Zotero.

    Edit: Report ID 2119000516
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