CMD+Shift+A always generates same output

Hello, I'm new to Zotero and I encounter a strange behavior while using it. I searched in the forums but I only found quite old entries regarding the same topic that seem to be already fixed. But my problem still persists.

I added four webpages to Zotero using the Chrome plugin. They are correctly added. The pages are from the same author and year but have different titles. While writing my book in Scrivener I try to insert the references on several different positions. For this I use the shortcut CMD+Shift+A and paste them to Scrivener using CMD+V. But unfortunately I always get the exactly same output "(Frobeen, 2020)" using the American Psychological Association 7th edition citation stile. I checked different stiles but have the same problem. No indices are added to differentiate the entries, e.g. (Frobeen, 2020a)... (Frobeen, 2020b). Am I doing something wrong?

General question: Are these indices stored in the database? What will happen if I paste them to a document and later on add further references to Zotero from the same author and year? Will they get incremented indices, e.g. (Frobeen, 2020c)? Can I rely on the indices and that they will not be altered by inserting new references? Or are they calculated and updated every time I add new references to Zotero? This would break my link to them in external documents.

My setup:
- Zotero 5.0.90
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    You're using Quick Copy. All that does is copy one-off citations or references to the clipboard with no link to Zotero. Zotero has no way of knowing what you're using them for, where you're pasting them, whether they're going in the same document, etc. They will be the same every time.

    The sort of advanced, context-dependent functionality you're looking for is available in the Zotero word processor plugins for Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs.

    If you want this sort of thing in Scrivener, you'd need to use the Better BibTeX plugin and post-process the document using pandoc. See these instructions for some details on possible workflows.
  • Ok, thankyou for the quick reply.

    As Scrivener is a very professional application for writing books it would be very helpful to have a Scrivener integration as well for the scientific users.

    Is it planned to provide such a functionality?
  • We have no control over that — Scrivener doesn't have a plugin API, and they've made it extremely clear in their forums, going back almost 15 years, that they have no intention of adding one to allow for proper Zotero integration. You can search their forums to see those threads.

    But as noted in the instructions I linked to, there are ways to achieve some degree of integration, even including use of the actual Zotero citation picker. For a somewhat less technical option that doesn't require BibTeX and pandoc, there's the ODF-Scan plugin, which can be used with any text editor. Finally, there's the RTF Scan feature built into Zotero, which is basic but might be enough depending on your needs.
  • The picker can even be combined with that - the picker can output scannable cite.
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