Chicago Short Note Punctuation and Title

Hello. I am fairly new to Zotero. I am using 5.0.90. I am also seeking to use the Chicago Short Note .csl. I believe I have downloaded the most recent version. I am also using the BibTex citation key in a footnote of a Markdown that outputs to .docx.

When I use the .csl short note style and the citation key. I have two (interrelated?) issues that come up. I am trying to resolve and would appreciate any help and guidance.

1. Punctuation: My BibTex key for the following resource is @KearneyIntroduction2006. This is a book section and when I write @KearneyIntroduction2006, xvi the .csl file output comes out like this:

Kearney, “Introduction.”, xvi

I have added the comma but the period does not go away. Interestingly, when I use a BibTex citation key for a book (an item that does not have quotation marks in its output like a journal or book section), it seems to work fine. For example, @Hubscher-DavidsonTranslation2017, 3-4 comes out like Hubscher-Davidson, Translation and Emotion, 3-4. Notice that I added the comma and this time it removed (what I think would be) a naturally generated period by Zotero.

2. Subsequent References: Additionally, when I have two references following each other in sequence I get the following result.

Hubscher-Davidson, Translation and Emotion, 3-4.
Hubscher-Davidson, 7.

I do not want to use ibid style and I would like the short note to reproduce the author and short title each time.

Thank you for any guidance. This might be a basic question asked in ignorance. I appreciate your help in guiding a novice along this way. :)
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