Blank group library

We use a Group Library (3 members) and today it was suddenly blank across all our desktop clients and in the online library. All that remains is the title of the library, all folders and files have disappeared. Out account still shows a significant amount of storage being used in the library. Where have the files gone?
Files in My Library are still visible.
  • Someone in the group moved all the items to the trash. You can restore them from the client.
  • (Someone who's no longer in the group)
  • Okay, thanks. Can I group restore or do I have to do them all individually?
  • You can do them together.
  • Select All and then either right-click → Restore to Library or press "-" to collapse all items and click Restore to Library in the right-hand pane.
  • How do I do that? When you select more than one article the restore option disappears
  • Thanks for your help. That worked. Only thing missing now is the folder structure they were originally in. Just one long list now. Is there any way of recovering that?
  • Ah, I missed that the collections were deleted too. One of you in the group may be able to restore from one of the last automatic backup to recover those. You should all immediately make backups of the zotero.sqlite* files in your Zotero data directories.
  • Ok thanks. That will work. Thanks again for your help.
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