Chicago Note doesn't display year in footnote

I have a customised Chicago Note (footnotes) citation style. For some reason, about 10% of the references appear without the year, even though the date (including the year, sometimes including also mm dd) *is available for that item in the library.

I''ve examined the CSL file but can't see anything wrong. Have uploaded it at in case anyone can take a look.

Thank you guys!
  • could you put this somewhere like, or where I don't need to accept cookies & download a file to look at the code?
    (Note that in the standard Chicago note style, the year is only printed when author and title of two items are identical, i.e. for disambiguation)
  • sure:

    this style is modified so as to always show the year, but apparently not in all cases!

    thanks :)
  • The style still checks for disambiguation. Remove the test for disambiguate in lines 310-314, i.e. delete lines 310-11 and 313-14
  • Did this and restarted word&zotero, but the year is still not displayed in those refs. Edited CSL here:
  • You also re-installed the style and ideally tested in a new document?
  • I did not reinstall the style, no.

    I realised I actually need to customise this style even further, so that it includes journal volume, issue, and pages. Would you be so kind to please tell me how that means the CSL is to be edited?

    THank you!
  • (sorry, I'm not going to be able to provide step-by-step for style edits. Someone else might be willing to, I'd generally recommend just finding a better fitting style)
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