Zotero citation styles in LaTeX

Hi, I've recently started to use Zotero as reference manager. However, the bibliography in the compiled PDF document (using biblatex) is formatted differently from what I see in the citation style manager of Zotero. Do you know how can I solve this?

Thanks a lot
  • What exactly is your workflow? Are you writing your document in LaTeX or in Markdown for example?
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    I'm writing in LaTeX and compiling with LuaLaTex, thank you
    Do you need a MWE?
  • Okay, it you aren’t already, be sure to install the BetterBibTeX plugin in Zotero. That greatly enhanced Zotero’s capabilities as a BibTeX program (the native BibTeX export in Zotero is mainly intended as a data exchange format—if you are actually writing with LaTeX, add BBT).

    After that, LaTeX doesn’t use CSL citation styles, which are what is used by Zotero, Mendeley, Markdown, etc. BibLaTeX uses BibLaTeX styles. If you want to change the style, you will need to edit your BibLaTeX style.
  • LaTeX doesn't use Zotero/CSL styles and I'm not aware how you'd be able to using a standard LaTeX workflow. The citation style is determined by the bib(la)tex (.bst) style.
  • Thanks for both your answers

    I'm already using BetterBibTex. Now I understand; the problem is that, differently from when I use a bibliography exported from eg JabRef, the custom bibliography settings that I have in the tex preamble don't seem to work. But maybe this is a problem of LaTeX and not Zotero
  • Many people use Zotero as a manager for a BibLaTeX workflow. If something isn’t working, you can provide details and one of us might be able to point in the right direction.
  • JabRef is able to use CSL styles; standard BibLaTeX isn't.
  • After some attempts with the tex preamble I finally made it, thank you very much. Just one last question: with Markdown would I be able to directly use CSL styles as I see them in Zotero?
  • Yes, so by default when pandoc (the program folks using Markdown generally work with) renders a PDF, it will render the citations as regular text in the TeX, then let TeX convert to PDF with the citations already formatted.
  • @ealberto "After some attempts with the tex preamble I finally made it, thank you very much" how did you do it?
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