Add "p. or pp." in in text citation


I am trying to add "p." or "pp." in in text citations. "p." is for when the in quote citation is for 1 specific page; "pp." for when the in quote citation is for 2 or more pages.

For example, I would like my in text citations to look like this:
(Ma 1998, p. 1)
(Zha 1998, pp. 1-2)

However, when I add in text citations I get:
(Ma 1998, 1)
(Zha 1998, 1-2)

I am trying to modify this style: Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (author-date)

Having absolute no knowledge in coding I am clueless. There is a similar discussion on how to add "p." in bibliographic references here
I followed the instructions but I must be doing something wrong because when I try to add the new style, I receive an error message.

Would anyone be able to help?
Thank you
  • Is this for a specific journal or publisher?
  • Yes, it is for this journal:
    Estudios de Asia y África

    They seem to be using a modified version of Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (author-date)
  • Okay, we can make a style for that journal. Can you:

    1) give a link to the author guidelines, the ISSN and EISSN numbers for the journal, and a link to a freely available article of available?
    2) check if there are any other changes needed?
  • That would be great, thank you!

    This journal is available on on JSTOR and it's also available from their website, all issues are open source. ISSN for the print version is 0185-0164; ISSN for the digital version is 2448-654X
    I couldn't find their EISSN on the journal's website.

    For the most recent issue ( and an article example free of charge), please see vol. 55 no. 3 here

    In terms of author guidelines, the journal indicates that they use Chicago (author-date). This information is stated here

    In term of changes need for in tex-citations:
    1) the journal makes use of "p." and "pp." for in quote citations.
    (Ma, 1998, p. 1)
    (Zha, 1998, pp. 1-2)

    2) as you notice, the last name of the author is followed by a coma in in-text citations (same examples as above)

    In terms of changes for the bibliography. In Estudios de Asia y África (Chicago Modified version), I noticed the following:
    1) Capitalize last name of the first author (if there is a second author, his her name are shown as “John Dewey”)
    2) Abbreviate the name of the first author (eg. Thomas --> T.)
    3) Put year into parenthesis, for journal articles, books, and book chapters
    4) for journal articles Vol. numbers is italicized followed without space by the issue number within brackets and not italics
    5) page numbers are not abbreviated (e.g. 444-454; not 444-54)
    6) Remove “” from around titles of journal article

    In the following examples I am not sure how to put elements in italics. I hope these examples are at least of some help:

    MULLANEY, T. (2011). Coming to Terms with the Nation: Ethnic Classification in Modern China. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

    SCHIAFFINI-VEDANI, P. (2008). The ‘Condor’ Flies over Tibet Zhaxi Dawa and the Significance of Tibetan Magical Realism. In Modern Tibetan Literature and Social Change. Stanford, CA: Duke University Press.

    Guilford, J. P. (1950). Creativity. American Psychologist, 5(9), 444-454.

  • I had a go at making the style. It requires quite a lot of changes, substantial ones, for the journal stating and just linking to the Chicago Manual....

    Right click, save as, install:

    For any outstanding formatting issues, please number them stating the item type and show them as "current vs wanted" output. Easiest way for me to fix things.
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