More Chicago Issues: § Symbol and Statute Date

edited September 8, 2020
Hi All,

I use a modified version of Chicago 17 (modified to show year in footnotes) and I have noticed that the statute item type shows the § symbol for the section, regardless of whether or not there is anything entered into that field.

Is there a way to get this removed? I use statute for Conventions, Treaties and Resolutions - and it works well. Most do not have content for the session field.

I have also realised that the statute does not show the full date in the reference list (this is not linked to my modification, reports etc. do).

Edit: I have noticed it is not doing this for all 'statute' items. For one, I don't have anything entered in either section or session and it is showing the symbol.
For another, I have info in session, it is not showing that info and it is not showing the symbol.
  • Bumping in the hope someone can help me out :-)
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    Although I'm new to zotero, I'm currently adapting the 8th edition of Turabian style to that of my faculty. If it is an easy one and done by changing a prefix in the citation style itself, then you can look it up by using an editor, like Then you just have to go to that item and changing that prefix of that variable item. If it is just a matter of the first position of the source, then you just have to look look in Note: Else > [item] > [prefix]...

    Edit: after that, download the file an import it manual by Zotero > Preference. It will be handy to change the name of it (editor > General info > Title), or it will change back to the official style, after an update of that style.
  • Thanks for the response :-)

    I found that by adding `Type: treaty` to Extra, it signals to Zotero that the entry is a treaty and removes the symbol.
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