Public closed setting problem

Good day

I am owner of a group biblio with a public closed setting.
When I search for the biblio under an alternate account
as a non owner just for testing purposes the group
name cannot be found. I just wanted to make biblio
available publicly on the net for anyone for viewing
purposes only. What have I done wrong. Don’t want
to deal with having people join group..just want to make
available for viewing.


  • What’s the name of the group?
  • Wafers 'Dead See Scrolls'
  • Shows up for me for both
    Wafers 'Dead See Scrolls'
    and 'Dead See Scrolls'

    There is some spam protection that delays showing libraries publicly under certain conditions, so you may have hit that.

  • Thks for the reply. I need to be on the Zotero site to
    find the group? Will not find it if I just goggle search name correct?
    I did go to and search on the group tab for the name
    and did not find it. What am I doing wrong?
  • My bad. I have found it is there. Thks for the help.
    The only way to discover the groups is that you must be
    on site. Is that correct? Goggle search will
    not get you there..correct.

    Thks again

  • There's nothing that prevents google from indexing group pages and some are, but internal links in Zotero usually have "no-follow" rules for search engine, i.e. google wouldn't find this just based on links from other Zotero pages. If you link to it e.g. from your faculty profile or personal homepage, it'd likely show up in search results eventually.
  • thks adamsmith
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