Portion of Notes disappears

For some time now, I've been noticing a problem when I am typing a long Note. I am often typing without looking at the screen, and have assumed I was causing the problem with my own typing, but today I saw it happen and realized it was not my action that triggered it. Here's what happens.

When I have been typing in a note for a while, suddenly, I find the cursor back up at the top of the note, in front of the first letter there. The last paragraph I typed is gone. When I try to do a Ctl-Z to undo the deletion, it instead deletes the next to the last thing I typed. I can restore that with a Ctl-Y, but I can't get back the paragraph that was deleted originally.

This has happened on two different laptops. I am on Windows 10 on both. I am on Zotero 5.0.89.
  • I thought this was solved, but in the past this was related to syncing, i.e. a sync operation starting caused this to happen. Not sure there's a great solution if that's the case (since I wouldn't recommend turning off auto-sync, either) but does that square with your observations?
  • If you're able to capture a Debug ID for this happening, we'd want to see that, as well as steps to reproduce it. There've been occasional reports of this, and we've fixed some issues with this in the past related to syncing, but we haven't been reproduced any issues with the current code.

    (There's a known issue where note text can be lost if you're typing an embedded attachment note while the PDF is still being indexed, but that doesn't sound like your situation.)

  • I'll try to catch it with Debug, Dan. I think it is only happening when I am typing in a freestanding note window, so that might narrow down the issue.
  • So far I haven't duplicated it--though it happened this morning before I turned debugging on and happened yesterday. But I do notice something about the automatic syncing. If I am typing at a normal speed, it syncs every 30 seconds or so. If I am typing really, really fast, it stops syncing until I slow down. I wonder it typing speed is a trigger of any kind?
  • Notes save a second after you stop typing, and auto-sync starts 15 seconds after the last save.
  • I typed a long time today to test it, and couldn't trigger it. Perhaps it has to do with something else going on with my computer in the background that creates a conflict? What about my automated backup of Zotero. I use AOMEI Backupper Standard. It's set to back up in the evening, but if my computer's not on, it does it first thing in the morning and takes a while. I think my computer also runs System Mechanic cleanup operations in the mornings.
  • No, background processes shouldn't make a difference. We have some changes to the note-saving mechanism coming soon, so hopefully any issue here will be addressed by that. Let us know if you can reproduce it in the meantime.
  • Great. I'll try to start turning on the debug tracking when I know I have a lengthy note to type. Thanks, Dan.
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