Missing information when citing in APA

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  • I'm a university student trying to use APA style in my report in Word. When I cite a document and I input the citation manually I have the publication date and author name. The problem only arises when citing a book found online, I do not get the information even though through the Zotero program shows it does exist in this format.
    Example of book citation in Word:

    Project Management: A Practical Approach. (n.d.). Retrieved September 2, 2020, from http://www......

    Example when accessing the style from printing to PDF:

    Grit, R. (2015). Project Management: A Practical Approach: Vol. Fourth edition. Noordhoff Uitgevers BV. http://www......

    I double-checked that the information is input correctly into the Zotero program, it just does one format for Word (with the Zotero add-on), and another when printing to PDF. I would like to get the PDF information displayed in Word. Is there something I need to change in the settings to get all the information displayed in Word?
  • How exactly are you using the Word add-on? This sounds like you're either citing a different item or an attachment.
  • I have the Word Zotero add-on, I click the Add/Edit Bibliography button. I just can't figure out why the add-on produces a different output than going through the Zotero program and printing to PDF. As I mentioned, I only have this problem when citing an online textbook like this. I successfully cited documents and webpages.
  • For clarification, to print to PDF and get the output I showed, I right-click on the item in the Zotero program window and select Create Bibliography From Item. I make sure the settings are for APA 7th edition.
  • Still the same answer — you're citing a different item. You can test this in a new document. If you select the same item from your library and the same style, you will definitely get the same output.
  • So I tried just deleting it from my library in Zotero and reapplying the same method. This time it worked. Thanks for the help, adamsmith and dstillman.
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