Quicker editing of collections memberships of an item

Dear All,

I think collections have the advantage of being hierarchical, and that's why I prefer to use collections for organizing my library instead of tags. Quite often, an item belongs to multiple collections.

Currently, one needs to drag & drop to add an item to a collection and go to a specific collection to remove item from that collection. But as library gets larger with perhaps over a hundred collections, this becomes quite cumbersome. The keyboard-shortcut for highlighting collections containing an item is nice but it also becomes less useful as the collection hierarchy becomes larger.

It would be great to have an easy-to-use interface where one can click and select collection memberships of an item. This pane could also show the list of current collection memberships.

I remember seeing posts about this quite a while ago, and I think this is worth re-discussing. I believe, the implementation of this would be rather easy as well.

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