Bug? Item type "software" is mapped to "book" in CSL

edited September 2, 2020
Dear all,

I am increasingly in the need of citing software and datasets and I love using Zotero. Now, the weird thing is that while Zotero supports "software" as an item type it is mapped to "book" for formatting with CSL even though CSL supports the item type (see https://github.com/citation-style-language/documentation/blob/master/specification.rst#id100). There is a "hack" to add item types not available in Zotero through the extra field using `type: dataset`. But this doesn't work for software.

The background to my question is that for grant applications one needs to slim down citations as far as possible. Therefore, I need to remove URLs and DOIs from books but need to cite them for born-digital material such as software.


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