Can't download from JSTOR search results

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This discussion was created from comments split from: No longer able to save PDFs to my storage.
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    Is this really solved for everybody? Because I still seem to have the issue. D1984320842
  • @sdspieg: Can you describe the problem you're experiencing? It's not clear you're referring to the same issue. Your debug output certainly shows far more output than would be relevant here. Above, I asked for a Debug ID for "loading the PDF and getting the webpage icon".
  • This may be another issue of course. But I cannot download anything from JSTOR through the translator. I don't get the yellow 'folder' icon... (this is in Chrome - in Firefox, with the beta translator, I do see the yellow folder icon, but it still doesn't scrape...)
  • Yeah, that's not the same issue at all. I've moved this to a new thread.
  • Sorry. And thanks!
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