Field names in information panel occupy too much space

In my standard usage of Zotero, information panel (the most right one) occupies 40%-50% of the screen width. And almost one third of it is occupied by the field names. From the latter only a few are actually long, while the rest can fit into at least twice less wide column. Those that are long, probably, depend on the interface language (I use Russian interface, so for me they are 'Abbreviated Journal Title' and 'Location in Archive').

The idea is that this long field names can be abbreviated (may be adding a tooltip with a full name when hovering mouse over it). I consider this important, because it may save about 10% of the screen width, which can be used effectively for field values or other panels.
  • These already are abbreviated in the English interface (Abbreviated Journal Title becomes Journal Abbr. and Location in Archive becomes Loc. in Archive), so they should probably be abbreviated in the Russian one as well - this is probably just an oversight by whoever translated it. Unfortunately I speak neither Russian nor Javascript so someone else will need to lend a hand (would it be possible for a non-Russian speaker to alter these field names if myurkin provided appropriate abbreviated forms?).
  • I have a found a file, where this field names are located:

    Looking into it, I found that there are a few more field with long names, which I do not use. So I have changed this file along the discussed lines (10 field names).

    Where should I send the new file (or a patch) to be reviewed or incorporated? I guess someone should be responsible for the Russian localization.
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