Moving/importing collections from personnal library to Group library ?

I recently found a couple of problems when I tried to move collections I made in my personnal library to newly-created Group libraries :

1) Collections do no seem to be Dragn'Droppable from personnal library to Group libraries. Exporting them in RDF format doesn't allow you to re-import them in the Group library : they get re-imported in a new colection in the personnal library.

2) Individual items Dragn'Dropped from a personal collection to a Group collection lose their linked files, even those added by opening said file in the browser and using "record link to the current page" ; whereas the same technique can be used to add the link to an item of the Group library ("Link to file..." and "Record a copy..." do not work, though).

Any suggestion to work around these problems whih seriously impair the Group functionality ?

And, BTW, what happens in the other direction (from Group to Personnal library, ?
  • See here for a previous topic on your point 1.
  • Thnks for the pointer : it sems that I am not the only one bitten by this non-feature... Is there work in progress about this ?
  • We all have the same problem. And no sulutions is given. Perhaps that is the big problem.
  • this is majorly annoying. I wish it would get fixed if so many people have problems with it.
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