Change of punctuation

Hey everyone!

I'm back to studies and back to using Zotero ofc!

I'm not sure if I have brought this issue up in the past, but the equivalent of ";" in Greek is the upper dot. I can always replace it on word, but is there any way to change it myself in Zotero code? Please take a look here:άνω-τελεία-the-upper-dot
  • Currently, the only way to do this is to edit the citation style. What style are you using?
  • APA 7th edition
  • What is the character used for semicolons? Can you type it here?
  • I apologise for the late reply. The notification email was filtered as spam. I think the closest one to "upper dot" is the "dot above" symbol --> ˙
  • edited September 7, 2020
    Please, don’t use the dot above. The correct symbol · is ano teleia (U+0387/ ·), its closest Latin script equivalent is the middle dot · (U+00B7).
  • Thank you, gduffner. Ano teleia is what I was looking for, but it wasn't available on my MS Word version.

    Also, instead of Original date, you could use the Greek equivalent Πρώτη έκδοση
  • Are there any other changes you would also need for Greek?
  • Not sure at the moment, I haven't done much work with the new format yet. I'll let you know in this thread as soon as I find something.
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