Automating Attaching a Stored Copy of File

I'm trying to automate saving webpages in Zotero, and I've found that saving the URL through the Zotero connector and it's keyboard shortcut works great, then I use the Firefox addon "SingleFile" to save the webpage as a single .html file (to cut down on file numbers). Condensing both of these keyboard shortcuts into a single keypress with AutoHotKey works great.

Is there any method to automate dragging the .html file from \downloads\ onto the recently saved item in Zotero? Or can I make Zotero take a snapshot using the SingleFile addon?

  • An update to Zotero's snapshot saving based on SingleFile is coming soon.
  • That's the best possible response! Is there an ETA?
  • We're hoping to have it in the Zotero beta within a week.
  • Another best possible response. Thanks so much!
  • Outstanding!

    I have wrestled with page snapshots for several years. The full snapshots saved by Zotero would generally not reload cleanly or not at all (hanging due to JavaScript).

    The browser-based page saving extensions didn't help much. I had SingleFile installed, but wasn't using it, as it too didn't work cleanly when last I tried it a year or more ago.

    I just (re-)discovered Single File and the current version has been flawless so far, even on sites with lots of other stuff on a page (ads, links to other articles, images).

    I've been happily using it on Chrome with Zotero by deleting the Zotero-captured attachment from the item and uploading the SingleFile html file in its place. Having it natively in Zotero will be even better. Thank you!!!!
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