APA bibliography not in sentence case

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  • Hi, thanks everyone for this thread, it has answered many questions I have, as I pick up Zotero again after a while and see that APA has a new edition.

    One issue I am still having though is with the capitalization of books and book chapters, they don't automatically conform to the style like they should. E.g. right clicking the item and then "create bibliography from item" and then using the paste function to place it into Word I get:
    Derwing, T. M., & Munro, M. J. (2005). Pragmatic Perspectives on the Preparation of Teachers of English as a Second Language: Putting the NS/NNS Debate in Context. In E. Llurda (Ed.), *Non-native language teachers: Perceptions, challenges, and contributions to the profession* (p. 14). Springer.

    Davies, A., & Elder, C. (Eds.). (2006). *The Handbook of Applied Linguistics*. Blackwell.
    (* = italics). Should it not be "Pragmatic perspectives on the preparation of teachers of English as a second language: Putting the NS/NNS debate in context" and "The handbook of applied linguistics" ?

    I have double checked and the APA style says all works should be sentence case, except journal titles, which should maintain their idiosyncratic capitalization. I have checked that all the fields are there. Appreciate any tips you can offer!
  • Thank you for this!! I thought Zotero used to do this, and that it must just be an issue with APA 7th. But I must have been thinking of how with Chicago and some others it goes to Title case automatically. I will do what the article says and store all titles in sentence case.
  • No style automatically goes to sentence case because that’s not reliable (proper nouns, abbreviations, etc.). You should store all your titles in sentence case—styles like Chicago will go to title case as needed.
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