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I am very happy with the way "my publications" works now, but I would like to be able to link to specific item on the my publications page from outside. Let say I want to link to an abstract contained in the "My publications" page. I could not figure out whether there is a way to link to an specific paper/presentation in my list from a wordpress page.
For example:
is the only link I can see to my publications page. Can I get an ID of a paper and link to it?
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    Yes, the Details link is a link to the item. (While you're on the page, it will just open or close the Details section, but you can see that the URL changes when you click on it, and if you open that URL in a new tab, it will just scroll to that item and open the Details section.)
  • Dear dstillman,
    Thanks. I still have troubles retrieving the full item from the details link. Is there a way in which I can link for a different page to the my publication, but with a # somewhere?
    Is there a way to specify something like : etc? Is the API documentation the right place to look into?
    When I open the link in the new tab it just open the whole list of publication. Thanks in advance and sorry for being a little confused.
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    What's a URL that's not working for you? And in what browser?
  • When I click on details I see only the part of the link: without the specific link to the item. I want to link to a specific item in the collection from another wordpress page.
  • Where exactly are you looking? You just need to click on Details and then copy the URL from the address bar, which will be different for each Details link click.
  • Dear dstillman, unexpectedly none of my browsers display anything after the link of the collection. With an inspect i see the item ID but I can't sort out the syntax of the full link. Is there a documentation i can check about this?
    Thanks again and sorry for insisting on this matter.
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    Again, I'm asking where you're looking. Clicking "Details" will update the URL in the address bar after you click it. It will not show anything item-specific in the URL that you see in the bottom of your browser when you simply hover over the link.

    If you think this isn't working, can you upload a screenshot or screen recording of what you're doing and provide a link here? In any browser with JavaScript enabled, I assure you this should just work. There's no documentation, because you don't need it. All you need to do is click Details and copy the URL from the address bar.
  • Thanks! You were right, I was looking in the wrong place. Now I am able to link to the details of any of the papers linked to my publications.
    The format is as simple as:
    and you can link to any paper in the publication folder. Thanks!
  • We've recently improved this slightly so you should now be able to right-click on the "details" link and copy the URL.
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