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Apologies if this has been answered, I couldn't find what I was looking for with a keyword search.

I am looking for a referencing style to use for my dissertation (we are not required to use a specific system). I like Chicago 17 (note, with ibid) and thought I would use this, but it does not list the year in the footnotes. Can anyone recommend a style similar to this that includes the year in footnotes?

I know I could create a style, but I haven't done it before so it will be a bit of a learning curve. I thought I would check to see if something like what I'm after exists before creating a new style.

TIA :-)
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    There is one style similar to chicago-note that has a year-date in the footnote:

    It's in French though.
    So you would need to modify the style minimally to achieve what you want (basically change the language settings (in line 2 of the code and fix an issue with the word dans (in) that doesn't get translated automatically).

    Equally, to edit chicago-note is fairly simple in this case (chicago is the most complex style of them all....).
    You'd add <text macro="issued"/> after line 1333.

    General instructions:
  • Thanks for the advice. I followed the steps... but I don't know what code to add/change; and the instructions don't have examples for dates. Do you have any idea?
  • Sorry. Had missed out the code brackets in above post.
  • Thank you!!!
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    I followed the steps and selected it in Word, but it didn't add the date into the footnote :-(

    All I did was change the title and ID per the instructions, and add the above code after line 1333 (using Notebook).

    The placement did look odd to me, but I don't know what I'm doing :-)


    Line 1333: </else-if>
    Line 1334: <text macro="issued"/>
    Line 1335: <else>
    Line 1336: <group delimiter=", ">
    Line 1337: <text macro="contributors-short"/>

    I also got the following message when I added it to Zotero:

    "C:/File path" is not a valid CSL 1.0.1 style file, and may not work properly with Zotero.

    I have admin access on this PC, and have installed from the repository without issue. I also downloaded a random csl file from the repository and added it to Zotero using the same method and that worked, so I think it is my modification creating the error message

    Apologies, but I would be super grateful for a little more help :-)
  • What exact style are you using?
    We're probably just looking at two different styles.
  • I am trying to modify Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note, with Ibid.)

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    I can only look on my phone right now, but in the style you'll have the citation section at the end.
    The style tests for if ibid-with-locator and then else-if ibid and then has the else.
    This else renders how a normal foot note looks. It had groups and then the macros for the names of the authors (contributors short), title short and the citation locators.
    Into that you'll need to drop the date somewhere where it fits you.

  • It worked! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me :-)
  • I know I'm pushing my luck here, but I was wondering if you know how to make the footnote just return the year and not the full date?

    I was really hoping I could figure this out myself by reviewing the Citation Style Language documentation ( but I don't have enough foundation knowledge.

    In a Zotero forum someone suggested to use <text macro="issued-year"/> to do this in APA, but that just removed the date completely in C17.

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    So, what you copied there is a printout for a macro (translation of the code: "Print the text of the macro called issued-year, please!"). But in order to show that then you'd also need to copy the macro into your code.

    This is the direct code for the "issued date for the date-part that is JUST the year".
    <date variable="issued">
    <date-part name="year"/>

    Btw, the visual editor makes this all relatively easy to edit. You can copy your code over into the CodeEditor and then click on VisualEditor.
  • This worked! Thank you so much for your time and patience! :-)
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