Connector and URLs


I use the Chrome connector to grab things from the internet and start a record in Zotero.

So I am wondering why, when I import something, the attachment has a URL associated with it but the "parent item" does not.

for instance: I grabed:

and no URL shows up in the journal article type created in Zotero... I suppose that this is not some random error, can someone help me understand the logic here, why is this a good thing?
  • The URL field is for the canonical source for an item online — e.g., the abstract page for a journal article on the publisher's site. When you directly save a random PDF document that doesn't have any sort of official metadata (e.g., DOI metadata) that Zotero can retrieve, as is the case here, there's no way for Zotero to know whether you're saving from the primary location or just downloading it from somewhere else (e.g., your email, some random webpage), so it doesn't populate the URL field.
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