I was unable to get the PDF from the Notes downloaded from the web of science

report ID:1063046931

When I import the Note, right click and get the PDF available, it will not be available, but doI number is existed. How can I change the url for acquiring article or fix it in other ways?
Thank you very much
  • I cannot get Zotero to create a journal citation from Web of Science, which is a subscription database. They also own EndNote so I don't expect them to be Zotero friendly. Does anyone have an answer to having Zotero save each citation as a journal article rather than a web page?
  • @amybookit WoS should work just fine with Zotero and does for me.
    Run through
    https://www.zotero.org/support/troubleshooting_translator_issues and report all information included in the last step if the initial ones don't help.
  • Thank you @adamsmith for the help. It is working now. I have had trouble recently with Chrome not fully loading web pages, so that may have been the issue.
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