Change personal to group library?

Good Morning,
I've wanted to do this for YEARS: I'd like to change my personal library into a shared, group library. I don't want to export/import the library, because this would change the "Date Added" fields to all be the day of the import. I would simply like to share my existing personal library with a group. Is this now possible?
Thanks Zotero!
  • Just note, that group libraries have some limitations compared to personal libraries: linked files are not supported, sending/receiving to/from tablet with Zotfile is not possible, webdav file storage is not an option. There might be other limitations that I am not aware of as well. If you store all your attachments in the Zotero cloud it probably is not a problem for you.

    More generally I'd be interested in being able to duplicate/fork group libraries. But I'd also be interested if it's possible to make a clone of a personal library. Since it's not possible to have two personal libraries, this clone would have to be a group library.
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