Moving manuscript's citations from Group Library to Main Personal Library.

Hi, everybody.
Group library are a very nice idea for collaboration work.
However, there is one issue frustrating me: moving the manuscript with citations inserted after the collaboration is completed.

We work with co-authors for the paper.
We use group library for this.

Then, after the paper is done, the group library doesn't need and we can delete it.
This is reasonable, because we have a lot of papers, and we all have own main libraries where our references are stored. When we start a new collaborative paper, we create a new group library.

However, each of us wants to have own copy of the completed manuscript and its references. So, references have to be placed in the Main User library, instead of the Group Library. They can be only copied form one Library to Other and their ID's changes.
Thus, the citations in the completed manuscript are not linked to copied ones.

For now, we copy all the references to main library, and then must to reinsert manually all the citations in the collaborated manuscript, so that they will be in the main library. Then we can delete group library.

Thus, the question/ask is as following:
Would it be possible to "move" manuscript's citations from group library to main library by some automated procedure?

Thank you in advance
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