adding new item - archive file

is there an option to add archive file as a new item?
the closest thing is the document option, but in many cases i have a full archive files I am adding manual and I would like to mention how many pages and so on.

  • Improved support for archival materials is forthcoming (though no easily accesible right now) but I don't fully understand what you mean by an "archive file": A folio? A box? How would you like to see it cited?
  • Thank you so much!
    I mean dossier.
  • Can you be a bit more verbose? What exactly is the item you are trying to cite? Can you give an example citation?
  • sorry, I'll try to explain
    I dont need it for citing at the moment. I just need it for organizing archive dossiers. for example: i have file FO 141/586/4 from UK National Archives. its a collection of documents and I was wondering what is the best way to add it as new item in my collection. I see that the most suitable item is document, am I right?
  • Document or Report is likely a good item type.
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