Using a generic style sheet in a specific Journal

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In the search interface for a CSL style sheet, is there a way to use a journal name /ISSN alias? Say for instance I am writing and plan to submit to a journal which says to use the Unified Linguistic Style Sheet as a submission format. If one (a user like me) searches the CSL repo for the name of that journal null results are returned. A different option would be to return results which are relevant by virtue of pointing. Pointing in the search "graph" is more efficient than editing several CSL files (one for each journal) when the time comes, if those journals all use the same style sheet. Is this happening in some way, and if it is how can I find out more about it?
  • Yes, that's the whole concept of dependent styles — you can see thousands of them on the styles page, and they disappear if you check "Show only unique styles".
  • If you click Source for a dependent style, the independent-parent link shows what the parent style is.
  • Yes, that's what dependent styles are:
    More than 3/4th of the styles available through are, in fact, just links to styles. There's no authoritative list of such relationships, though, so we rely on user reports and/or lists provided by publishers to create dependent styles, so you can provide any specific example here. If there's a longer list of journals for a given style, having them in a spreadsheet with ISSNs and Journal names allows us to quickly generate the dependent styles using a script.
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    Journal of Language, Culture, and Religion Style Guidelines ISSN 2689-8160

    Uses the Chicago author-date style.

    It can get the "linguistics" , "anthropology", and the "theology" tags, if multible tags are available.

    I'll put together a spreadsheet for some of the other ones... is a google doc fine? And who do I share it with?
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