Quoting archival/primary sources with zotero

I am a zotero newbie and loving it, so far, for pure literature citation. However, as a historian I am also working a lot with archival documents/primary sources, such as administrative sources from UN agencies, who boast long and complicated names. Ideally I would like to use zotero for these kinds of quotations as well. For literature I am using Chicago 17th edition full note.
Any tipps as to how to cite primary sources with zotero would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
  • For UN reports like that, I would suggest Report as an item type. If they have long names you’d like to abbreviate, you could enter the abbreviation as the Author and the full name of the agency as the Publisher.
  • Thank you so much! I wonder, however, how I am going to insert the specific archival signatures, like folder, box, etc.?
  • For know, put all of that into the Loc. in Archive field. Put the name of the archive in the Archive field. For now, put the name of the archival collection into one of those fields with the other information. A separate “Archival Collection” field will be added in a future version.
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