all data gone after Windows update

Hi, Zotero,

I opened Zotero this morning for the first time in several days and everything is gone (notes, collections, etc.). There was a Windows update in between the last time I used Zotero and now. I can't think of any other cause of the the problem.

What I've done so far:

1. I found my Zotero data directory on the C drive. I noticed that the zotero.sqlite file in the folder is 4832 kb, which seemed promising. I copied the entire folder from the C drive and saved in in another location as a backup.

2. I used the online tool to rebuild the the directory. I extracted the new directory to Zotero folder on my C drive. I noticed that the size of the rebuilt directory is only 940km, which did not seem promising.

3. I restarted Zotero and the problem wasn't solved. I then restarted the computer and the problem is still not solved.

4. I don't have a storage folder, so I can't see any dates of the files contained in the sqlite folder that is 4832 kb.

Thanks in advance for any help restoring my files!

  • I noticed that the zotero.sqlite file in the folder is 4832 kb, which seemed promising.
    No, that's likely an empty database (both ~1 MB and ~5 MB can be empty databases).
    I don't have a storage folder
    This wasn't the data directory you were using, then.

    This was in the folder "Zotero" in your home directory? Have you looked elsewhere on your computer?

    It sounds like you've looked at it, but read through Locating Missing Zotero Data. Something happened to your Zotero data directory, outside of Zotero, and you'll need to find it or a backup of it.
  • Okay, I found it! There was another Zotero folder (containing a storage folder, a sqlite folder, .bak folder, etc.) in another folder of my home directory called "Unneeded Folders." This could be my fault or perhaps it's related to the recent update. Regardless, I've recovered everything. Thanks so much for prompting me to keep looking.
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