Numeric CSL which includes page numbers in text citations?

I'm looking for a numeric CSL which includes page numbers in the in-text citations. For example, I'd like citations to appear as "[p10 1]" indicating page 10 in the first source. Does anyone know of a CSL matching this format?
  • Probably the easier way to go about this is to tell us a style that fits generally well for you and we tell you how to edit it accordingly. Not much of an effort to do.
  • While there are a couple of numeric CSLs using page numbers (IEEE and AMA come to mind), they all would put the page number after the number, so you're indeed likely best of modifying a style that you like otherwise. This is only 4 additional lines of code that's easy to insert.
  • Thank you both for your help—I tried both IEEE and AMA 11th Ed but didn't get page numbers in either case. After the citation "[1 p10]" would be fine too. Would definitely welcome guidance on editing, for example, "elsevier-with-titles.csl" to suit my needs.
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    Adding any locator (page, chapter, etc.) can be done in Word (assuming that's what you're using) by clicking on the citation which opens a new bubble where you can enter the locator and also a pre-/suffix. IEEE and AMA will show something. If you're not getting anything you're not doing it correctly.

    See "Customizing Cites" here:

    To edit the elsevier-with-titles.csl replace the "layout" part of the "citation" section with this (lines 85...):
    <layout prefix="[" suffix="]" delimiter=",">
    <label variable="locator" form="short" strip-periods="true"/>
    <text variable="locator"/>
    <group delimiter=" ">
    <text variable="citation-number"/>

    General instructions here:
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