endnote import stalls

I am having trouble importing my endnote library. I exported in RIS format; saved as .txt file. And imported as instructed. The import begins but quickly freezes; I end up having to go to task list and end now. Some of my library is saved but not all. (It consists of almost 4,000 entries, most of which have multiple pages of notes and research notes (Endnote X). Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Import (especially of so many entries) can still take a while. It is probably still trying to import when you kill the process. If you're low on patience and/or don't believe that it is actually still performing the import, the best work-around might be to break your export up into subsets of your library & import those one-after-the-other.

    Additionally, Endnote sometimes makes strange exports. See:

    I suppose you can try importing some other file format and/or use a third-party app (such as bibutils) to clean up the data.
  • The import is almost certainly not "freezing" but rather taking a very long time. During file import, which involves very many discrete database operations, we really start to see a performance slowdown, especially on Windows systems. Our latest development build fixes this problem. Until our next public release, I would recommend letting the import run unattended (e.g. overnight) even if it appears to "freeze.
  • Patience prevailed. I left it importing overnight and it did finish. Thank you so much for your incredibly fast response.
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