enhancement request?: abstract item type

When an item is presented at a conference, often there are published proceedings with abstracts. It is useful to keep track of these items, but they are not peer-reviewed manuscripts. So, it is useful to segregate them. I do not want to cite them when developing a manuscript myself, but may want to use them for insight, or for a lead on something that may have also been published with peer review, perhaps after I've included the abstract in my collection.
I haven't found another item type that works well for these.
This is related to, but distinct from, the issue of tagging pre-prints.
  • I suggest entering these as “Conference Paper” (which is for conference presentations published in proceedings) and adding this to Extra:
    Genre: Abstract
  • edited August 6, 2020
    I don't disagree with Brandon (above) that the distinction may be useful but not all abstracts should be assigned second class status. Does Extra Genre : abstract work in most styles?

    "...not peer-reviewed manuscripts" isn't necessarily correct. While the acceptance for some conferences is easy to pass, so is the review and acceptance process for many "peer-reviewed" journals. I'm aware of several conferences (in different professional disciplines) where the review process is at least as rigorous as that for tier 1 professional journals. Some reviews are accept/reject while some are outright-reject/accept with suitable changes. It would be unfair for me to name names but there are a few topic-specific engineering conferences where the items in the proceedings book are lengthy (8000+ words plus tables and figures) and will never be publishable in a journal -- not from quality -- the items were scrutinized thoroughly before acceptance to the conference.

    Some of the most important work in industrial safety and traffic safety arose through conferences and later technical reports and not through journals.
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