linux and storage for zotero


just started dualbooting for windows/linux mint (cinnamon) and zotero seems to be taking up a lot of space. i only want to sync as needed (when i click to open files), but the current software seems to be taking up 7gb. My library is saved using pcloud webdav. I want to preserve that as is and have my zotero client on linux only download the file as needed.

  • After you have set Zotero to download files as needed and you are sure the files have been uploaded to the WebDAV server, then close Zotero, open the storage folder in the Zotero data directory from your file explorer, search for *.pdf and delete the local copies of the files.
  • Hi,

    Now that I've done this and webdav is configured, does this mean the files will only download as needed? Can I just periodically flush this directory once I've accumulated the pdfs.

  • Yes. A future version will offer ways to automatically manage the amount of local storage.
  • great thanks
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