zotero not letting me add citations into footnotes

help! i am using chicago author-date style. i have citations in my footnotes, and while i could previously add these, of late, zotero updates the bib but not the actual parenthetical citation, so im left with "blah blah blah" {citation} ...
what is happening?
  • which Word processor & version?
  • Word for Mac V. 16.16.24 - i literally have footnotes in here with citations that are showing up in the bib. but now i'm editing this doc and have new footnotes with new citations, and it's just no long working in parenthetical form, even though the bib is recognizing the additions.
  • (that's Office for Mac 16.16.24, with current Word).

    How about in a new document (for testing). Can you still insert author-date refs in footnotes there?
  • ah! did the trick! ... should've tried that. thanks :)
  • See Debugging Broken Documents for your existing documents.
  • sigh. back to the same problems. copy and pasting to a new word doc is no longer cutting it. have gone through the debugging guide, not sure what the issue is...
  • You need to follow the debugging steps to the end, which will, by definition, isolate a problematic section, which you care share with us for further debugging.
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