Symlink to have Zotero icon on the application bar, Linux Ubuntu

Hi everyobdy,

I was installing Zotero from this site, I have Linux.

I installed Zotero correctly, although the procedure to get the icon in the application bar (or in the list) does not work.

Indeed, I digited

"ln -s /opt/zotero/zotero.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/zotero.desktop"

but I did not get anything in the application bar nor in the application list.

Can anyone help me here?
  • Maybe on this page:

    Add PPA ppa:smathot/cogscinl to your software sources,
    Reload the package list,
    Install the zotero-standalone package
  • Add PPA ppa:smathot/cogscinl to your software sources
    No, @qntcmn, don't use that — it's outdated. If you want to use a package, use

    The ln command should work on a stock Ubuntu install, and does for me. Obviously, that has to be the path to where you put the files. After running the command, you have to click Show Applications and add Zotero to your favorites. It won't appear in the dock automatically.)
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