Search folder name by typing "G" caused all items dissapear

I have some folder names with "G" as the initial, such as "Geology". When I typed "G" to search "Geology", sometimes I would find "Group", which I created in the Zotero website ( After that, I found that there was no item in any folder anymore. Seems I have to close Zotero and open again to get things back. I am not sure if this is a bug?

Thanks for your suggestions.
  • I'm not really following this. Can you take one or more screenshots of what you're describing, upload them somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and provide a link here? We'd also want a Report ID.
  • Hi,
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Report ID: 524515204

    Procedure (please also refer to the link of the screenshots:

    1. open Zotero, click on "My Library"
    2. type "g" until it finds "Group libraries"
    3. click on "My Library" again, you can see all items disappear.
    4. click on other folders, no item can be found in any of them.

    Thank you
  • OK, thanks. That's a bug, but we're replacing the collections tree with a new implementation soon, so we won't fix this in the existing version and will just make sure this doesn't happen in the new tree.
  • OK, thank you.
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