merging duplicate items : strange pairings

Hello, in the list of duplicate items I get some weird pairings :
the list seems to be ordered by Title. I get a couple of items, which are only shown once in this list. When I click on them, however, the merge dialogue shows two or three items. I can find these much further down the list. And they have nothing in common, not the title (except word such an "in" "of" "from" "the"), none of the authors, not the year. I don't seem to be able to post screenshots here, but if there is any way I can post them.
  • Very odd pairs are almost always due to unique identifiers being duplicate, e.g. DOIs or ISBNs. Two items with the same DOI are always marked as duplicate; same for two books with the same ISBN.
  • You are correct, for some reason some items have the same DOI. I'll have to check that. Thanks a lot for the comment.
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